Our Aim

Neuromorph – Digital Marketing was launched in 2014 with clear goal to assist businesses with their online marketing needs. At Neuromorph, we aim to produce bespoke marketing solutions for your businesses, so that you have the right tools to succeed. Whether you wish to start a new business, gain more clients for existing business or expand your market, we will provide you with the right mix of marketing resources.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

The Story Behind Our Name

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Neuromorph – Digital Marketing was named after Neuromorphic Marketing, a term coined by Jeremy Garner from IBM in 2014. It represents the capability of smarter computer chips to deliver targeted messages based on consumer behaviour. Until we reach this futuristic concept we aim in using the latest and most effective online tools in delivering useful targeted content for your customers.

The name also alludes to the founder’s background in the healthcare industry, the power of network connections and the creative and future thinking of the team.

About The Founder

neha.mishra About Us

Neha Mishra

Neha is a graduate of University of Bath with IDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. She leads her team with passion and with a strong customer focus. She has over two years of providing effective digital marketing solutions to SMEs.

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