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Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs

December 05, 2014

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your business show up in searcharrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs results and obtain free traffic based on the relevance of the keywords of your website. Neuromorph Digital Marketing offers affordable and responsive websites including SEO. If you want to DIY you can read below our 10 tips to improve your website’s SEO :

10 Tips to improve SEO of your website

1. You will need to find the appropriate keywords your potential customers use.  You can find these keywords using Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. You can also use these tools to see the level of competition for popular keywords.

2. Ensure domain namearrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs and site title, description and meta keywords contain the target keyword(s).

3. Sign uparrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs with Bing and Google Webmaster Tools to check the validityarrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs of your website. Understand important factors like:

• Is Google crawling your site? How many pages has Google discovered?

• What internal links are being recognised? Do you have any errorsarrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs or broken links?

• What external links are pointed at your site? How much traffic you get from those?

4. Use WordPress plugins such as All in One Seo or WordPress by Yoast. We use Yoast and you can start configuring the plugin using this article. Using either tools will also enable you to have a sitemap which is read by search engines.

5. Include the search keyword(s) in the title of your article, as tags, in the first 10 words of your article, in the article where they should have a density of 2%-3%, as titles or alt text for pictures in your article and in 160 character description of your article (implement this with the WordPress plugin).

6. Include the region/city in your keywords if your bulk of customers are local.

7. Write useful/interesting articles which will get linked by other websites. The content you post also needs to be relevant to the services/products you are selling.

8. Get listed on business directories and local search directories.

9. Use a hierarchical approach when building your content. For example, if you are a healthcare supplier you will talk about your products in general on the home page, but also have a link(page) to each category of products and within the category of products to have a link(page) for each product.

10. Checkarrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs your website SEO score with one of the free online tools. A good score is above 70%.

If you still have questions, why not bookarrow 10x10 Top 10 SEO Tips for SMEs one hour free marketing and seo consultation with one of our marketing specialists using the contact form.


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